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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Siddhesh is pulled down to earth by Mithun Da on Dance India Dance

Much touted Maharashtra ka gaurav, Siddhesh Pai gets severely reprimanded by grandmaster Mithun da. Though he lauded him for his stupendous performance but at the same time did not forget to show him his rightful place. “I’m afraid your confidence doesn’t become over confidence. I can see that in your body language. If you want to reach the zenith of success you also have to learn to be humble and down to earth!”

Mithun Da was referring to the past couple of instances when Siddhesh’s attitude and high handedness came into the forefront. He challenged Prince openly. Tried to taunt him and put him down. Also disrespected Remo. There were also quite a few instances when Siddhesh’s attitude had made him an eye sore and one of the not so favored contestants.

It was time that someone of Mithun Da’s stature showed him his rightful place !

Siddhesh Pai

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