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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saat Phere - Saloni Ka Safar comes to an end

Saat Phere - Saloni Ka Safar is finally coming to an end, around 3 years after it was first launched. Saat Phere was an attempt to be slightly different from the normal concept of bad mother-in-law's, deceitful daughters and daughter-in-laws, and fights between cousins that were normally shown in different serials. This was the serial that tried to show the struggles that a dark-skinned girl normally faces in life, be it parents who care a bit more for the fairer daughter, or the fairer daughter who thinks much more highly of herself because of her looks and beauty. So the struggle of the loving and confident but dark daughter to hold her position in society was remarkable, and this happened for some time in the serial.
However, like any other serial that has to go on and on, compromises were made in order to keep the serial going, and so you had the concept of the girl becoming the loving daughter of a richer household and keeping the house safe from the various threats against it. Many times her family lost faith in her, but she struggled on, with the same villains coming again and again (Jiji fought the household multiple times, but no one else seemed to be able to do anything except for Saloni who kept on fighting her).
And then, the unthinkable - Jiji attacked Saloni's husband Nahar, and strangely, even Saloni was unable to save Nahar. However, by this time, the serial had lost the charm, and people had started moving away from the serial. So, then the producers played the ultimate weapon, a time shift, moving away to a time when Saolini had been imprisoned for Jiji's death, her family had moved away from her by blaming her for Nahar's death, and the next generation stories being played out. Saloni's daughter was known as the daughter of the maid, and hence did not have the same status in the house.

Aborted marriage of Saawri

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Unknown said...

In which episode of Saath Phere did Saloni & Aditya experienced a car brake failure and crashed?

And where can i get that episode?

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