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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jyoti - the story of a determined and loving girl

NDTV Imagine has been coming out with a number of new shows in order to try and make a mark for itself, and many of these shows are not the saas-bahu or immense wealth shows. Instead, many of these shows are focused on the troubles, aspirations and life of people who are not middle class, or are fairly poor.
Jyoti is one show where it was clear that the focus of the show would be on the struggles of a girl making her own way in life while shouldering the burden of her family. Even the promos of the show showed the same focus. Jyoti is essentially the story of a hard-working and determined girl who keeps on fighting life and carrying on even if life keeps on dealing her hard bows.
Jyoti belongs to a family that is fairly poor, where the father of the family is now disabled and unable to work; as a result she works to maintain her family and ensure that they have a proper education, and even with their limited means, they are able to get on with life. Her mother, whom she considers as her mother, is actually her step-mother and also her real mother's sister who got married to her father after the death of her mother when he already had 2 kids.
Jyoti is the money-getter of the house, and deserving of respect, but her world slowly starts crashing down. First, she is in love with a person, but then discovers that her sister Sushma gets married to this person, Brij. Then her brother shows that he is studying for engineering, but actually does not do so, instead using that money to woo a rich girl. And then her step-mother, whom she considers her real mother, has been making various excuses so that Jyoti's marriage is avoided since the money she gets to the house is needed for running the house.
One day, everything comes crashing down on Jyoti when she returns to the house and discovers that seemingly, she is tolerated in the house because she is the golden goose, but otherwise no one really loves her or respects her. This shocks her and she leaves the house.

Videos of the pivotal episode of Jyoti:

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