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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Update on Ratan Rajpoot - Laali of Zee TV’s Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo

Laali has firm belief in Buddhism and blindly follows numerology. She practices Buddhism during her breaks on the sets and wishes to soon visit the newly opened Global Pagoda at Gorai near Borivali. Unlike others who start to follow Buddhism to get rid of existing troubles, Ratan started chanting mantras because she liked the sound of it.
Says Ratan, “I had heard a friend chant during my theatre days and I loved the resonance that resounds with it. On further enquiring my friend told me that she follows Buddhism and is very satisfied and happy with herself eversince she started following the religion. She also told me about the positivity it generated within. Those days I was in Delhi and was doing very well in theatre but was very dissatisfied as I had no exact aim in life. I just couldn’t conclude on any decision and was contemplating to go back to my home town. When I heard of Buddhism, I followed my instincts and started practicing it. It’s been two years now and I could actually see the difference that it has made to me. I became extremely positive and today I am playing the leading role on one of the best shows on television. I am extremely happy with the way things are happening around. It’s the internal happiness that matters the most. The best thing about being a Buddhist is that it doesn’t ask for any alteration in your lifestyle. Also even though I am away from my family I have about 20-25 families in Mumbai through the Buddhist communities. Tisca Chopra is one of my closest friend who also follow Buddhism.” Besides, Ratan has changed the way she spells her last name as suggested by her numerologist.

Our poor Ratan Rajpoot aka Laali of Zee TV’s Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo is getting used to the poverty that the show has mercilessly bestowed on her. Not only on the sets, but even at her friends’ house parties, Ratan doesn’t think twice before sitting on the floor. It so happens on the sets that during breaks when others actors plunge themselves on couches, she finds herself sitting on the floor. Tough others do give her a second look to ensure she is fine, she enjoys her carefree attitude. This doesn’t end here; Ratan often does her own household chores and saves money by taking an auto instead of her own car/cab most of the times. She refuses to go to swanky restaurants and avoids eating heavily priced grubs.
When someone questions her over this, Ratan says this helps her to be in her character. Ratan says, “Yes sitting on the floor during breaks is out of the habit on the show and does help me stay connected with the character. But the other savings is out of the realisation that there is immense poverty in the country which I myself experienced during my stay at Wai while shooting the village sequences. There were people who offered me to sell their meals to make money. The reality was hard-hitting and I have decided I will not disrespect money by splurging it every way possible. I will save up and try and live a modest life as much as possible. Yes I still spend a lot on beauty treatments as its inevitable in my career but I have cut down on my other expenses.”

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