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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pavitra Rishta - A story that celebrates the Mother – Daughter bonding

Few thoughts which crosses every mother’s mind who is looking for a prospective groom for her daughter. Who will make a great life partner for my daughter, the one who will stand by her, love her and take care of her selflessly or the one who stands true on all my superficial expectations which is considered right by the society? Should she believe in her own instincts while choosing her life partner or rely on our prudence?
These are some of the questions that will compel the viewers to ponder over while watching Zee TV’s latest show, ‘Pavitra Risshta’. The lead protagonist, Archana, who is trapped by her own destiny, is a relatively fresh face, Ankita Lokhande. The show debuts on June 1st 2009 Monday to Friday at 9 pm and is being produced by Balaji Telefilms.
Commenting on the launch, Mr. Nitin Vaidya, COO, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. and Business Head, Zee TV said, “We have always believed in subjects that establish a strong connect with the viewers, be it with ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo’, ‘Choti Bahu’, ‘Betiyaan’, etc. all deal with pertinent issues.”
Adding further, Nitin said, “In ‘Pavitra Risshta’ we are talking about the strong emotional bond that every daughter shares with her mother. This interesting saga brings in the flavor of the mother-daughter relationship and a mother’s search for a desirable match for her daughter. The hitch lies when instead of the prince charming, destiny presents a doormat? The most desirable match turns out to be the most abhorred one. What takes precedence- the man’s selfless love for the lady in question or his social status? Should she continue to lead the rest of her life under the guise of being happy or should she walk out of the so called pious relationship.
This show has been shot in a modest environment sans any glamour and grandeur. It essays a middle class household’s routine and lifestyle. The practical nuances of the story will be felt and lived by everyone who watches the show. The various degrees of emotions that has been touched upon in this subject is something that every mother and daughter has gone through in their lives at some point or the other.” The show has some established actors like Savita Prabhune (mother), Ajay Rohila (father), etc.

About the show -
‘Pavitra Risshta’ focuses on the life of Archana who belongs to a middle class Maharashtrian family, based in Mumbai. Being the eldest daughter of her family, Archana chose to take responsibilities of her siblings rather than focusing on education. As Archana grows up to a marriageable age, her Mom realizes that her daughter was devoid of all the good things in life during her growing up years. Hence, the mother vows to get her married to a well educated and sophisticated guy. But destiny has something else planned for Archana.

Savita Prabhune, Ankita Lokhande & Ajay Rohila in Zee TV's Pavitra Risshta (Mon-Fri @ 9 pm)
Savita Prabhune & Ankita Lokhande in Zee TV's Pavitra Risshta (Mon-Fri @ 9 pm)
Ankita Lokhande as Archana in Zee TV's Pavitra Risshta (Mon-Fri @ 9 pm)


Anonymous said...

This show wont lasttoo long. I guess may be endin July /2009.

Zee people dont need this kind of shows any more. we seein our daily lives.Do some thing different. May be inspirational subjects from life but not too emotional. I'm on tehverge of discontinuing Zee Tv.

Anonymous said...

oh please!!!
i love this serial. its simple yet it touches ur heart. i love the chemistry between archana and manav. btw, what's the use of having too many 'balika vadhu' and 'agle janam..' kind of shows. sometimes they get off the track!! and wats the use of such shows which cannot keep its promise to the viewers????

Sanju said...

its thebest of zee tv serials everybody luv this serial
luv , devotions, belief, trust and many things enrich ur mind and it takes a turn to teach a real human being a lesson.
i luv this serial and i got a lovely time watching it.....

Enjoy Nautanki TV