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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - Hui Sabse Parai - Geet and Mann part over a misunderstanding, but things get crazy

Geet started out with a tragic story about a girl who get duped by a NRI out for her money, and who had to run away from home in order to escape the relatives who were all about forcing her to get an abortion for family honor. The story then moved into a romance, where she was attracted to her boss, and he attracted to her, and was a cute romance story (especially since the boss was a tough boss and she could act like a bumbling secretary). Their romance was however fated to go through a lot of problem, since her past caught up with her in terms of the presence of Mann's brother, Dev, being the person who had duped her and then ended up making her pregnant due to their intimacy at the time of their honeymoon.
Finally, things seemed to be looking better, even though Geet had run away from the engagement party once she caught sight of Dev and learned that he was Mann's brother; however, they met again and finally Mann, once he got to know that Dev was the person responsible for duping Geet, called the police and got both Dev and Nayantara arrested.
However, Geet started getting a bit suspicious ever since she overheard a conversation where Mann seemed to be suggesting that he would marry Geet in order to also get Dev out, and then soon after, she saw Dev out of the police station. Her anger erupts (even though Dev was out for only 2 hours in order to meet his grandmother), and she erupts in anger at Mann (even though he was in a office meeting where he was suggesting giving Geet a 51% stake in the business). Overall, they have a huge skirmish where Geet and Mann decide to separate and Geet leaves the company.
However, there is a comedy that is happening now, since Mann buys the company where Geet is now working (but they keep on having their skirmishes); but the serial is acting a bit weird since the new company seems very weird, one wonders how the company can survive.

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