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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Maanav and Archana married to each other, with family opposition

It finally happened, and that too in a very sudden and strange way. On the very same day, both Archana and Maanav were to get married, but not to each other. It seemed like a separation from each other, and then things suddenly turned around. Maanav was told by Shravani that his getting married to Shravani did not seem right, and his natural marriage partner was in fact Archana. Once Shravani said this, Maanav was relieved, and rushed off to meet Archana. On the other hand, Satheesh found out about the truth about Archana's planned marriage partner, and told Archana to run off from the marriage venue and go to Maanav.
Finally they meet, and decide to get married. Both sets of families are shocked by this behavior; Savitha tries to find out the reason behind Maanav taking this action and is not able to understand why Shravani let Maanav go away (she wants Shravani's son Sachin since she believes that this is the last reminder of her dead younger son); on the other hand, Archana's family first has to deal with the potential in-laws who are shocked at her behavior and who are also embarrassed (after all, it is their potential daugher-in-law who ran away from their marriage).
Now, both Maanav and Archana are away from their own homes, and in a not so good condition (in terms of a place to live and so on). They also have not had a regular marriage so far, and so, on the advice of some friends, decide to have a temple marriage. This is done just before a police inspector comes to try and separate them, but since they are already married, nothing can be done now.

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