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Monday, November 8, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Bhagyavidhaata - Time for a long leap, 15 years or more

Most serials in the Indian Hindi TV industry start planning for a leap when they see viewer attention flagging, and need to bring in some fresh blood and some changes to the storyline. Bhagyavidhaata, which started as a serial that showcases the challenges faced due to the situation in Bihar where eligible bachelors are kidnapped and married by force, and the problems faced in such relationships, where the bride is not accepted by the family.
The serial however, soon settled into the familiar rut of the conflicts and controversies in a family, especially when members of the family can get into a conspiring mode. So, even though the relationship between Bindiya and Vinay settled down after some period of tension and hostility, the acceptance by other members of the household was much more difficult.
And now, the serial has gone in for the next step of Hindi Serials, which is the concept of a time leap. So, the serial is set to do a 15 year time leap, with Vinay having already died in the serial (since he refused to act in the show as a middle aged man, having aged 15 years); some other characters such as Poonam will also be in the show. In addition, Raja has been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder, and there is a huge amount of tension since everybody blames Bindiya for the situation leading to the murder of Vinay.
Bindiya is also pregnant, so the 15 year time leap will ensure that the next round of conflict will be over this child, since the child is apparently being taken away by Vinay's brother and bhabhi, and Bindiya is fighting this.

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