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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Rang Badalti Odhani - Finally Khanak reveals her love for Shantanu

For quite some episodes now, there has been an ongoing thread in the serial about the love relationship between Khanak and Shantanu, and how Khanak has been unable to articulate her love for Shantanu, even though she can feel it. As a result, Shantanu has been pushing Khanak about this, and threatening her in various ways that unless she does say so, the relationship between them will become more difficult.
And another occasion is coming up, where the marriage anniversary of Shantanu's father and mother is coming up, and there is some tension between these 2 people (and there is also some tension between the elder brother and sister-in-law of Shantanu). Part of this has been building up for some time, and it grew somewhat serious such that the 2 husbands were thrown out of their rooms.
Finally Khanak promises Shantanu that she will do the formal proclamation of her love during the celebration of the marriage anniversary inside the house, in front of everybody, something that Shantanu just cannot believe. And in turn, Shantanu, does a song and dance at the celebration, using his old guitar that he has not been using college (and for which he had scolded Khanak pretty badly, asking her as to how she could dare touch his old items).
Finally, Khanak gives a long speech at the occasion, touching the lives of all the family members, making them realize their love for each other, and of course touching Shantanu a lot, and showing a number of lovey-dovey scenes between them.

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