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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - The serial will take a leap, and both Raghav and Sia will not be there in the post leap time frame

Na Aana Is Des Ladoo is built around the brutal nature of Ammaji, and her control over the local surroundings, and the confrontation that comes in when she is challenged by various people, most primarily by her daughter-in-law Sia (who is supported by Ammaji's youngest son Raghav). In between, Ammaji faces a challenge from her own lost daughter Amba, and then from her own brother-in-law. She manages to overcome all these challenges, even when her other son Gajendra was conspiring against her.
Sia was insulted and humiliated by Ammaji many times, but Sia never did carry out much of a revenge on Ammaji (when in fact Ammaji had caused the public blackening of the face of Sia's father). But the main storyline has been the challenge caused by Sia to the power of Ammaji, especially when Sia defeated Ammaji in the election for the sarpanch of the village and also refused to abort her own children even when it was revealed that she was carrying a girl child.
She had not told Raghav that the child she was carrying was a risk to her own life, and when Raghav got to know, he was furious. But all this is now about to end, since the serial is about to go in for a time leap, with both Raghav and Sia missing after the leap (Raghav gets killed during a confrontation with Bhanupratap (Aman Verma), who has been in jail for 15 years and wants revenge on Ammaji and her family members.
And then Sia dies during childbirth, so the time leap is missing both of them, but Ammaji is still there, and there is Chanda's son also in the picture. In other parts of the story, Sunheri takes back her accusation in the courtroom, which causes Gajendra to get released from the jail.

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