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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Big Boss 4 - Lots of controversy in the house, Dolly Bindra and Sameer Soni thrown out

Bigg Boss4 is getting all the controversy that it needs to increase its TRP and viewer attention, but is also getting some unwanted attention that it would not have wanted. Over the past many weeks, there has been a lot of drama in the media about the serial, with parents and many other organizations complaining about the language used, and also about the level of vulgarity in the serial (especially the fights that happen in the serial, and the drama that is supposed to be staged in the serial). Even in this season, there has been a marriage staged in the serial which is supposed to be a total drama (since they were already married 2 years back). Further, the serial also attempted to show the married couple under a single sheet, apparently on a honeymoon (it is another matter that Ali Merchant had to leave the show soon after, given that he was only a guest on the serial).
And then the major attraction, with the Hollywood sex symbol (many years past her prime though), Pamela Anderson has entered the serial, dressed in a revealing white dress (you can be pretty sure that this is meant to ensure that there is more viewer attention and they would ask her to do more than just dress up). She is just there for 3 days in the serial, and is being paid an amount of Rs. 2.5 crore for this presence (although she has to try and speak Hindi).
On the other hand, the conflict between people in the serial continues, with a face off between Dolly Bindra and Sameer Soni (which resulted in both of them being evicted from the serial - thus saving more members for the week since 2 members have been evicted).
And finally, the Government knocked the appeal out of the serial since it judged the serial as too adult, and thus should not appear before 11 PM.

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