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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Maanav and Archana moving towards each other, running away from their own marriages

For quite some time, the relation between Maanav and Archana has been meandering towards opposite ends. They remain close to each other even when they officially separated from each other, and even when it has been a year since they separated. In the meantime, Archana's parents are looking for a suitable boy for her since they want her to move on with her life. Maanav on the other hand is booked to marry Shravani, although with the death of his uncle (father's brother), the marriage cannot take place till some time has passed. So, they are waiting for this time to be over, but it is still confirmed that it will be Shravani whom Maanav is supposed to marry. Further, Shravanai is not very happy about the relation between Maanav and Archana, since they are separated, and she is very jealous of the kind of link between Maanav and Archana.
Archana gets engaged to a guy named Jayawant, who seems as a very good and honest person, but who is not really so. Maanav gets to know about the truth of Jayawant, and wants to save Archana, but nobody can really understand his reasons for doing so. These attempts of his are detested by Archana's family who cannot understand as to why Maanav is trying to prevent the re-marriage of Archana.
But, in the nick of time, Sathish gets to know the truth about Jayawant (whereby Jayawant wants to get married to Archana, with one reason being that she will help in his loan approval so that he can pay off the loan he has taken from a local money-lender, who can harm him if he does not repay the loan). And in the meantime, in an incredible turn of events, Shravani has a change of heart and tells Maanav that she recognizes that his heart will always be with Archana. So, you have the scene where both Archana and Maanav have run away from their marriage locations (to the shock of their families).

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