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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Problems when buying a Diwali present for Nandini's inlaws

The problems for Akshara never seem to end. The relation between Nandini and Mohit is a nice one, like any married couple. The issue is more about the way that Mohit's mother has been portrayed, showing her to be more concerned about money and wanting Mohit to get married to a rich girl. So, she was initially shocked when she got to know that Mohit wanted to marry a handicapped girl, but her attitude quickly changed when she found that Nandini belonged to one of the richest families of the area, and expected that a lot of riches were going to come her away (constrained by the fact that Mohit had a high degree of pride and was not going to let his inlaws give him money more than the normal marriage items)
However, as a result, there is always some amount of tension when it comes to giving gifts to Nandini's inlaws, since the household would not want to give something so low that it would make Mohit's mother feel that her expectations were not being met, and yet not something that Mohit would want to refuse it and send it back.
So, when the occasion for giving the first set of gifts for Diwali came, Akshara got the responsibility, and along with Rashmi, she set out to get something that would be modern, and got a lot of beautiful and creative decorations for Diwali, but something that the elders in the house were not really comfortable with; and obviously Mohit's mother did not really like them at all. But the biggest problem was when they picked up the sweets from a local shop, and it turned out that the local shop gave them old sweets, which when opened up Mohit's house, turned out to be rotten, and this eventually got back to Akshara's house. Big problem.

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