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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Gauri gets to know the entire truth, and confront Jagya

For many years now, there is an increasing closeness between the 2 students, Gauri and Jagya. As a result of being in the city, and also since he is now in love with Gauri, Jagya gets further and further away from Anandi. He is able to rationalize that nothing of all this is his fault, since he was married to Anandi when they were both very young, and as a result, he did not have a choice in the matter. He treated her like a friend, but this is his life now, his to choose, and he will not want to go back to the village and instead live in the city with his Gauri.
He is steadfast even when his own family confronts him, he has lost most of his older friends since he does not want to listen to the advice they give him. His own parents have lost all levels of confidence in him and his father has in fact decided to cut him off from all support (which means that Jagya is not able to get the money he requires for his education). His own Dadisa, who would support him to the greatest extent, also recognizes that her grandson is not in control anymore and decides to support Anandi in whatever she wants to do.
And then Gauri, finding some inconsistency in things that Jagya has told her, decides to visit his house and reaches there. In the village, she gets the first shock when she sees the girl introduced by Jagya as his cousin Nandini, and a village lady calls her Anandi, the wife of Jagya. And then she reaches the house and enters, and learns that this is the family of the boy to whom she was briefly married to, but the marriage did not proceed. She leaves quickly, and is in a state of shock.
When Jagya meets her, she lets fly at him, accusing him of lying to her consistently over the years, when he was married, treating her like a lover, and does not let him say anything.

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