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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Rashi trying to create differences between Hetal and Kokila

The serial seems to be working through something similar to what happened a few weeks back, when Rashi was kicked out of the house and was taken back with great difficulty, and the same thing seems to be happening now. For some time Rashi stayed away from her mother Urmila, since it was her mother who used to do all the manipulations, and then she saw that she was not getting the same treatment as Gopi, and resumed her previous methods of trying one trick after another.
One of the reasons that Rashi was getting verbally battered in the house for her tactics was that Kokila was wise to her tactics, and Hetal would normally follow whatever Kokila recommended. So the plan hatched by Urmila was to try and separate them, such that Hetal would start to feel that she was getting ignored; and this was done by Rashi to some amount of satisfaction, whereby she was slowly stoking a feeling in Hetal about injustice being done to her due to the power of Kokila. So, there started growing some cold vibes between Hetal and Kokila, and Gopi was able to perceive some of them and do a few things so that this feeling would not increase.
But now Rashi has increased the level of her tactics, and it seems that some of these will cause her problems, especially when she got a big size laddu to the temple and had to hold the laddu for a long time causing her great distress. For her revenge, she tried to get a lot of chilli powder on Kokila (something that can really get her in trouble), but it seems that due to divine intervention, things turned the other way and all the chilli powder landed on her.
With Kinjal, a different story is brewing. Due to a statue of Kanha in her room releasing water, she is now being seen as a devi in the neighborhood, while the struggle for the lottery money in the house between Kinjal and Urmila is simmering.
And the other parallel track is about the impending coming together of Ahem and Gopi as they are getting physically closer to each other, with Gopi knowing nothing about the reality of physical relationships.

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