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Friday, April 27, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Kunal and Siddhi get much closer, a child on the way

The plan was for Siddhi to go to her family member's house out of the city along with everybody else, and Kunal would remain in the house (by his own request), and soon he would start to miss Siddhi to the extent that he will come where Siddhi is, and this will be a way for him to see for himself how much he actually loves Siddhi. However, even though Kunal came there, there was some issues since his ego was coming in the way of actually making the declaration. So, Siddhi and Kunal did some amount of frustrating each other, until finally, when she was surrounded by fire, Siddhi let him hear her frustration. After that, everything became okay.
In a bonus to everybody, it was also soon disclosed that Siddhi was pregnant (I had been expecting that ever since they showed Siddhi and Kunal getting intimate once, and only once), and this made everybody happy. However, the serial makers did a bit of the old Saaransh movie kind of story, by showing how Veena was happy that finally her Anand will come back in the form of the baby (and this made everybody every apprehensive), to the extent that Raj became a bit harsh with Veena. Both Raj and Kunal also tried to explain this to Siddhi, but she told them she understood all this.
The scene with Vikram and Raveena is more complicated; Rohit had come there and Raveena mistakenly thought that it was Vikram whom she was hugging; when she got to know the truth, she was very angry (she was now starting to love Vikram). However, Vikram had seen Raveena hugging Rohit and he left from there and from the house soon after, angry over what had happened, and a confrontation between Vikram and Raveena was happening.

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