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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum, Na Maine Kuch Kaha - No longer looking at Mohan with scorn

The serial has moved towards a frame whereby Mohan no longer is seen negatively by the family of Megha (Mrs. Vyas). While her daughter had made an early bond with Mohan, the others did not have a positive view of him, and this was increased due to the fact that he had published a story which confirmed the corruption news of Megha's husband, something that hit hard against all the family members.
However, after that, his positive impression started gaining ground, such as when he caught the monkey man plaguing the neighborhood and stealing things from people, and when he found that this was the son of the Vyas family, he took the young man back to the house rather than exposing him, so that they do not suffer the embarrassment. This went a long family in ensuring that the family looked at him in a better light, and when he saved Mrs. Vyas from the molestation attempt of their boss, it made him seem positive in her light.
So, now when it comes to a time to save him (his over loud and irritating former girl-friend Rashi is back in the town and trying to grill him over his being a failure), Megha turned into a savior for him, claiming to be his wife and showing that he is not a loser. She seems determined to turn aside all the carps being made by Rashmi, who claims to have a very rich NRI fiancee who is spoiling her rotten.

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