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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Gauri loses her child, weirdly Jagya blames Anandi for this

The serial keeps on showing twists and turns, even confusing the viewers. The story of Jagya takes too many twists and turns, with sometimes him shown to be more towards his family, and sometimes strongly towards Gauri. So, for example, things have been twisting in the last few episodes. With Badi Masi in a weak condition, Jagya realizes his responsibility towards his family and even turns away Gauri when she tries to take him away (and when she has told Badi Masi the truth about whatever has happened).
However, Gauri, who remains paranoid about the intentions of Anandi, and always worried that Anandi is trying to take away Jagya (and since Anandi remains the legally married wife of Jagya), is on the phone with Anandi, venting away as useful and blaming Anandi for everything. And in the midst of this conversation, she has an accident, due to which she ends up losing her baby and is in hospital.
When Jagya reaches the hospital, Gauri's mother severely castigates Jagya for whatever happened and for being responsible for whatever happened to her daughter. In this emotional turmoil, Jagya totally loses control and phones up Anandi in front of all of them and blames her for whatever has happened to Gauri, and that she he will never come back to her, no matter what happens. This conversation traumatises Anandi severely.
On the other side, in the village, the love between Asha and Abhishek grows and Madan Singh comes to Bhairon to complain about whatever happens, and puts Asha in confinement. Now, it is upto Sugna to get them married away from the confinement to which Asha has been put.

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