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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Kya Hua Tera Vaada - Divorce case in court, kids awarded to Pradeep

For Pradeep and Anushka, the concept is that they are now a loving couple, can get on with business and with being close to each other, and achieve their ambitions in life. For Pradeep, his earlier life was all about career mixed with this duties as a father, but it was Mona who was managing the house, and Pradeep would not even know about the issues that was affecting his children. So, when he decided to leave Mona and start on a new life with Anushka, he had not planned anything in detail.
On the other hand, when Mona's mother-in-law prevents her from jumping off the building, she shows Mona a plan whereby Mona can start with her life again, learning how to stand on her own feet, starting with Mona getting her education complete. This also includes not trying to beg Pradeep not to leave her.
The next events in the show surprised both Pradeep and Anushka. Pradeep would have calculated that Mona would ask him for support for the children, and he was willing to offer the support. However, when the case came up, events worked out in such a way that Mona did not offer any objection to the divorce petition, and wanted this to be a divorce by mutual consent. Further, her condition was that the children would be Pradeep.
The judge accordingly agreed to this condition, and so did Pradeep, and as a result, the custody of the children was handed over to Pradeep and Anushka, something that Anushka was certainly not ready for. Handling 3 children is not an easy task, and am pretty sure that this would cause huge strains between Pradeep and Anushka.

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