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Monday, April 30, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - The plan coming to a head, with Menaka planning to do a transfer of property

The serial is again coming to a head. When Shakti took away the property rights through deceit and then kicked out everybody from the house (after ensuring that Krishna was in a jail in a false case), they moved out of the house and then started staying outside, all the while planning revenge. All of them were planning revenge, with Krishna wanting to use force, Sajjan Singh wanting to kidnap Shakti and get his signature on the papers for transfer, and Pratigya wanting to use clever means for ensuring that this happens.
So, as a part of this plan, she gets Kesar to come back to the house in a stable state, and Shakti is very impressed by seeing her in that condition, looking attractive. Slowly, Kesar works to get Shakti to listen to her, with first Samar coming back to the house, and then getting Pratigya as a servant, in a form that Menaka and her mother are not able to recognize her.
First, Kesar plans to get Radhe out of the house, with Shakti kicking him out of the house for flirting with Kesar. Radhe does warn Menaka about Kesar, but Menaka is finding that Shakti does not listen to everything that she says. And now Pratigya leans that Menaka and her mother are trying to make sure that Shakti, in a drunken state, signs over the papers of the house to Menaka, at which their quest will be complete. In the meantime, Krishna has gone to Benaras to try to find out some proof of Menaka, but this is not working out so far. Now it is upto Pratigya and Kesar to try and stop Menaka.

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