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Monday, April 23, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Major problems, with Anita's marriage getting cancelled because of Ahem

Saathiya suddenly went into a separate area altogether with a major event happening. The wedding of Ahem's old girl-friend Anita was supposed to happen, and Urmila and Rashi were trying to do another kalakari over there, something that would cause embarrassment to Gopi and to Ahem. So, Rashi tries a series of steps that would cause a lot of problems, but when you look at everything that happens, it also happens only because a number of steps happened in the right order for the problem to occur.
First Rashi managed to hide the card from the family which indicated that this was actually a marriage of Anita (the card had come in terms of the marriage of the son of a business associate of the Modi's), and then when there was a discussion about only a few of the men going to the marriage, she managed to persuade the family that everybody should go to the marriage rather than only the men of the family.
At the marriage, Rashi did a series of steps (which included dripping juice on the clothes worn by Ahem) which finally resulted in everybody seeing both Ahem and Anita lying on the same bed. And there were a lot of people who saw this and all were shocked. This so shocked Nilesh's family that his father called off the marriage even though Ahem tried to persuade him otherwise.
And then this shock led to Anita fainting and she was taken to hospital.

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