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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Partigya - Kesar back with Shakti, part of Pratigya's plan

Shakti had done a terrific job of planning to get all the property in his name, through the process of getting Sajjan Singh's signature on the papers and getting those registered in the court while ensuring that Krishna was in jail for a false case against him of beating up the waiter. In all the attempt to get Krishna out of jail, the court work happens and Shakti was now the owner of all the property (one wonders as to whether this is correct legally, and whether there was something that could be done in terms of lodging a stay order because of false pretenses and so on). Anyhow, SS and the family are now on the street while Shakti and Menaka are the owners of the property. In between, when Amma comes to the house, both Menaka and Shakti humiliate her.
Now, things are on as to how to recover the property. In one such case, Krishna plays a trick on Shakti by getting him isolated on a remote road and then beats him up, and then presents an alibi to the inspector who come there on the complaint filed by Shakti. Pratigya stops Sajjan Singh who had called many of his men in order to beat up Shakti and get all his property back (and maybe this would have worked, who knows).
So now Pratigya tries her tactics. She gets Kesar to go to Shakti, claiming that she is now recovered and looks great as well; Shakti falls for her and lets her stay in the house while Menaka wants to kick her out. not only that, Kesar gets Shakti to go and get Samar back. However, one is not sure what exactly the plans of Pratigya are for getting things back, since there is no easy way to get all the property back; but some thing must be planned.

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