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Monday, December 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Ballika Vadhu - Marriage of Anandi and Shiv happens, his sister not at all happy

Ballika Vadhu seems to have been inspired by the other serial that focuses on values and tradition, 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain' and has been showing the traditions over a number of episodes. So, the marriage events that happen in the marriage of Shiv and Anandi have been shown in great detail, enough that I have forgotten when these series of episodes started. First the marriage, the house leaving of Anandi and her arrival in the new house with a number of episodes. However, not everything is fine. Even though the entire household of Shiv is welcoming, his sister Sanchi is not at all welcoming since she considers that her brother has married a rural behanji and not somebody hip. So, as a result, Sanchi acts very snide and does activities that causes her family great embarrassment.
When they are at her house, there Sanchi does a playact, where she takes up Anandi's past and causes her family to be very angry at her. They warn her that she better behave better, but Sanchi still continues on this same way. Her father takes her aside and warns her, her grand-father gives up in frustration. For example, when Anandi reaches Shiv's house, it is Sanchi who is supposed to welcome her to the house, but she takes her own time to come to the reception.
Things get more problematic at the function held at Shiv's house where Sanchi is getting frustrated and tells her friends about her frustrations, and when they don't seem to find any problems, she tells them about the history of Anandi. This is picked up by other ladies who over-hear Sanchi and have a lot of words with Shiv's family as they are shocked that Shiv married a divorcee, and then say that they will not attend the function and take part in the celebrations.
So, even though the rest of the family is very comfortable with the choice of Shiv, since they consider Anandi to be a very suitable daughter-in-law, and don't feel that Shiv made any sort of compromise, they do realize that they will face problems from time to time in terms of people pointing out that Shiv married a divorcee.

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