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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pradeep dies after being shot by Anushka, leap to happen (update: not yet dead, operation successful)

Over the past few weeks, the serial has been taking a strange shift. Viewers were earlier puzzling about what the story line will be when the 2 different stories move to their own track, the story of Mona with Vineet and Anushka with Pradeep. The marriages for both of them were planned, and since this is a story, both could be planned for the same time with the parents having to worry about which marriage they will attend.
And then things suddenly turn into a very different direction. The serial shows an old lover of Anushka turning up, and then they show her to become more and more negative (since earlier she was shown as scheming and arrogant, but now shown as somebody who has defrauded her earlier company and eventually as a murderer).
Due to a turn of events where she is being blackmailed by her previous lover (who is shown as claiming that he is still her husband since they never had a divorce), finally she snaps, and in the midst of a fight with him, kills him by accident by whacking him on the head with a hard vase. However, and this is where they show her to be even more negative, Pradeep walks in soon after and is accused of the murder, and yet Anushka is now shown as doing anything to get him off the murder charge, in fact, if he is convicted, nobody will accuse her.
It is Mona who takes charge of getting Pradeep proved innocent, and she works at trying to get evidence that will do this, and finally is able to get evidence, and yet Anushka finds out about this evidence and in fact kills the lady who provided this evidence to Mona (Anushka got into a scuffle and the gun went off killing the other lady). By this time Anushka has almost gone off her mental balance and decides to kill Mona and starts for the party where Mona has gone (Vineet is having a partnership with Rajat (from Bade Ache Lagte Hain) and they have a party to announce this). At this party, things get stranger. Anushka arrives with the gun, and tries to kill Mona after first shooting Ram who got into a scuffle with her, and then tries to kill Mona. However, Pradeep arrives first and stands in the way of the shot and is killed by her. Ram is in serious danger, but is then declared out of danger. Now as expected the show will take a leap and move to a future that is around 8-9 years.

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