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Monday, December 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya - Finally Ahem manages to escape, Gopi gives birth

For more than a week now, the serial has been showing a level of crime that was not seen in the serial earlier. The earlier problems caused by Urmila and Rashi was never at this level, this is a life and death situation that was depicted. The family had a partner called Aman for a plant in Bhuj, and then, as Gopi was getting closer to the delivery date, a major problem occurred. Ahem did not appear for a party where he was supposed to come directly, and after a couple of hours, everybody was very worried. When Aman was contacted, he was equally concerned and stated that he would use all his resources to find out what happened and take action appropriately. At the same time, he told the family members that there was no need to inform the police and that he had contacts with different sources including the police and Aman would take the required action. The family members went along with this.
And then Gopi went out to get any information on Ahem, in a very emotional state. She was soon out of contact from the rest of the family, and in her heavily pregnant condition, was roaming around the desert region, and in a twist, came into contact with a young camel who was seemingly separated from the rest of the family. And Jigar was also out searching for both Ahem and Gopi. And to make matters worse, Kokila became very ill, feeling the pangs of separation from Ahem and Gopi.
Then the family members finally went to the police station, led by the ill Kokila, in order to find out progress, and were very surprised to see that the police denied all knowledge, that the name of the inspector given by Aman was false, and that the police had no knowledge of Aman filing any kind of complaint. They soon put two and two together, and concluded that Aman would be the one behind the kidnapping of Ahem and got the people to investigate. In the meantime, Ahem was able to run away once, but was caught, and then managed to run away again. Aman had threatened Ahem that he would hurt Gopi if Ahem did not agree to sign the papers that Aman wanted Ahem to sign. Finally, when Ahem was able to run away, he was running away from the gang, towards the same bus in which Jigar and Gopi were traveling, and then in a quick climax, Jigar and Ahem were able to beat up the gang members and then Gopi gave birth over there.
One problem remains that Koki was in a critical condition, and it is expected that the news of the baby, Ahem and Gopi would be able to revive her.

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