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Monday, December 3, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Condition set by Avantika that Adi and Pankhuri stay apart for 15 days

The serial is showing a twist that not too many people who would have thought would have happened. Not telling Avantika about the marriage was a step that was always fraught with risk, since it was impossible to think that she would not find out in the end (especially with Pankhuri's family also involved); the only point being how long this relation would remain hidden, and whether Mama-mami would find out about this before Avantika and seek to make some benefit out of this. However, Avantika found about the marriage when Pankhuri's parents and other relatives came there to see Pankhuri and how she was faring in her new home (they were not particularly pleased with the marriage because of what had happened earlier).
When Avantika found out, she did a lot of question and answer about the marriage, calling Adi there and asking him about the circumstances of the marriage. The initial fear was that Adi would have got married without his permission, having been pushed into the marriage, but Adi denied all this and stated that the marriage happened because he jumped into the gap when Shivam was stepping back. Avantika also expressed the worry that this was a marriage between 2 very different people and hence it would not last much and she did not want Adi to go through the same pain as she went through.
As a result, she set the condition that she wanted both of these to stay separately for 15-20 days right in the beginning, something that no one was really happy about. Harish managed to get the condition slightly modified so that Pankhuri would stay with Avantika while Adi would stay with Harish. There was some strain between Aditya and her parents, but that reduced when Ambika suffered an injury and Adi took some quick action to help her. However,  the biggest issue right now is that both of them are somewhat unsure of their relationship and love with each other, they consider each other to be a very big friend of the other, but does this extend to a husband and wife relation. Maybe it does, but they are not able to express this to each other. And then there is the cousin, Ruben, who is the son of Mama-Mami who got into a tiff with Pankhuri over a local accident and had to spend some time at the police station and who considers all the property and business to something that he has full rights over.

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