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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - A leap happened, and Naitik in coma

The serial has just gone through a time leap, a 4 year plus time leap. Before the time leap, Naitik was in hospital, struggling for his life. He and Akshara had an accident, and as a result of that accident, in the process of saving Akshara's life, he had suffered some major injuries and was hospitalized. Doctors finally reported that he had gone in a coma and was not able to recover from the coma.
And then the time leap was shown in the serial. They have moved 4 years into the future, all the characters are the same, except for 2 items. Duggu is now a young boy, going to school; and Akshara is now out of her sareer, wearing smart suits, and because of all the responsibility, she now has taken over the office along with Naitik's father and they do the office bit daily. The equations within the house has still not changed all that much, with her mother in law still believing that what she says and believes is the right thing to do. Every day, they show Akshara talking to Naitik, telling him whatever happens, and hoping that he would come out of the coma.
Because Akshara now goes to office, her mother-in-law takes more control of the house, including the bringing up of Duggu. She spoils Duggu rotten, to the extent that he now behaves like a spoilt child, not listening to what people are saying, not liking it when people scold him, and so on. To the extent that now his school teacher has just told Akshara that Naitik is now fighting with people in school, is not doing well at all, and does not listen to whatever is told to him in school. Akshara is very angry at whatever happens, but it is difficult for her since the once who is causing all this is her own mother-in-law. She is just hoping to make things better, and what could be better than Naitik coming up.

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