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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon - RK and Madhu now close together

For some time now, the show was showing the conflict between RK and Madhu (and her family). RK was shown as a supremely arrogant, having become a superstar within the period of 5 years of entering the film industry. At the same time, Madhu and her family are shown as a family with a different background. Madhu's father had left them and another man had taken the responsibility for all of them (Madhu and her mother and sister), and they highly respected them. However, there developed some amount of conflict between them and RK, and RK used power to subject them to harassment, subjecting Malick to a beating, putting Madhu's sister on a blackout in the film industry and then finally pushing Madhu to get married to him.
Madhu's presence in his house was a problem for Madhu. Dipali, who is married to RK's brother was earlier having an affair with him, and does not like the prospect of a wife in RK's life, especially when RK makes it clear that their affair does not exist any more and that he now has a wife. RK's mother, who he also does not talk to much, is also initially skeptical about Madhu and does not treat him well. This gets even more problematic when Mallick is proved to be the one behind multiple attacks on RK, but then RK does not file a complaint against him and gets him freed.
Over a period of time, Madhu realizes that she is now in love with RK, something which seems very strange to her because of their history and the forced marriage that has happened. She does not know whether RK feels anything like this, although she has the full support of his manager, Bitto ji. She takes more steps to get closer to him, and when the occasion of Karva Chauth happens, she undergoes the fast, although RK does tell her off since he does not believe in such rituals. At the same time, when she fell ill, he took a lot of care of her and even investigated as to how she feel ill.
Eventually Madhu does learn that RK is also in love with her, and she gets him to do a number of things. For example, there is some conflict in her family and RK pops in to her house to even out stuff, get them to realize that he is no longer an enemy and even releases the blacklist he had put on her sister's name. He also looks for a producer who would help in making a movie but without letting her know that RK is behind this. It is through this that he comes in contact with a weird man, who is also the long forgotten father of Madhu and her sister.

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