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Friday, December 28, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai - Naitik finally out of coma, his son very disturbed

For some time, the serial has been showing Naitik in a coma. Apparently, since the character playing Naitik had got married in real life, he needed some free time and so the serial was structured to show Naitik in a coma since that would not require much of screen appearance (else why would the actor playing Naitik agree to a role where he would be mostly in coma and not doing much acting); further Naitik was going to be also acting in the dance serial Nach Baliye. Finally, when it seems that Naitik will have more time on his hands, the serial is going to show him having more time on his hands.
For the time that Naitik was in coma, Akshara was shown as handling the responsibility, handling the jewellery business. As a result, her life was much more complex, since she would leave in the morning and come back in the evening. Her mother-in-law was handling the child, Duggu, and because of what had happened to Naitik, Gayathri was much more doting on the child. As a result of all this, Duggu was getting much more arrogant and spoilt, not listening to anybody and his grandmother was not going to listen to anybody complaining about her grandson.
Even when Akshara went to Duggu's school, her teacher told her the same thing, that he would spend the whole time playing football, not putting much effort in school preparation, and so on. During this time, Naitik started responding to treatment, and opened his eyes once. Soon after, Naitik finally regained consciousness, and although his muscles would have got much weaker, finally the presence of Duggu and his football in the room ensured that Naitik showed effort and got up from the bed.
However, Duggu was very apprehensive about this, since he had not seen his father in this state and had also been warned by other children. And then when he saw the attention that his father was getting from his grand-mother, he was also getting jealous. Now this is something that Naitik will have to manage.

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