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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha - Aditya comes to take Pankhuri, she refuses, he gets angry

Some of what happens in the serial is a bit beyond the ordinary, more absurd than you would normally expect. So, for example, soon after a marriage happened that was a surprise to almost everybody else, the mother of the groom put forward a condition that anybody would have refused. For a newly married couple, if somebody puts a condition that they stay apart for 15 days without meeting each other, it can be very strange. However, in the serial, they all agree to this and Aditya and Pankhuri agree to stay apart for 15 days on the condition laid down by Avantika.
And Pankhuri has to stay in Avantika's house where there are a number of people ready to insult her and her family at any minute, with Avantika not scheming but not at all friendly; and Mama Mami along with Rubel scheming against Avantika, Aditya and Pankuri; and nobody seems to be knowing all this. So Mami keeps on doing something or the other, such as insulting Pankhuri's family in a bad way. Finally, there was a huge argument with Pankuri's Mamaji replying back in the same way.
Nanaji already knows that Mami and Mama are upto no good and finally tells Aditya about what happened in the house and tells him to get Pankhuri from the house, forget the condition, and setup a different house. That would be the only way for them to have a successful married life. However, when Aditya arrives there, Pankhuri, wanting to ensure that they keep to the agreement refuses to meet Adi and shuts the door on him. Aditya is very angry and goes away by saying that he will not only not speak to her for 15 days, but will not speak to her or meet her ever. This makes everybody very surprised about what Aditya just said, but he refuses to listen to anybody. In Harish's house, Harish scolds him that he is proving right what others are saying about them not being able to have a successful marriage.

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