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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Bad character on TV - Wife wants him to withdraw

Imagine a villain on TV getting bad vibes in real life. Some of movie world's villains have been excellent people, such as Danny. Yet at the same time, if you do negative roles, there are many people who view you negatively.

Though his performance and character have been receiving rave reviews, Indresh Mallik, the infamous Rajeev Bhalla, of Zee TV’s ‘12/24 Karol Bagh’ is not a very happy man. Reason ironically being the same on-screen character. Indresh plays a negative role in the show, wherein he is addicted to all the bad habits ranging from ‘drinking to visiting brothels’. He even tries to rape his soon-to-be wedded wife, Simmi, in the show. Recently when Indresh, with his wife, visited the Jhandewala temple at the Capital, instead of getting appreciative attention from the passers-by, they threw dirty glances at him and stayed at an arm’s distance. They even, in a very mean way, addressed his wife and enquired on how she manages to stay with such a man. Indresh’s wife who though understands that it’s only his on-screen image that’s driving such reactions from the audience, is not very happy about receiving such feedback at public places. According to her, stepping out of the house has now turned into a bitter experience and she worries that someone on the road will out-of-the-blue start abusing Indresh without any real fault of his. She has been requesting the production house to soon end Indresh’s character in a positive way. Also a very few people know that Indresh actually is a fashion designer who had no acting aspirations till he landed with this offer, one fine day at the producer’s office. Hence his wife tries to reason out that even if he enjoys acting, he need not do such roles henceforth.

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