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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Na Aana Iss Des Ladoo - Internal problems within the family

In the serial about social injustice and crimes against women, Na Aana Is Des Ladoo plays a very significant role. One would not tend to believe that such things happen, but then you read in the paper about the attitudes of Khap Panchayats and their statements and actions, which go unchecked by the police, and then you believe that anything like what is depicted in the show can happen.
In the serial, Ammaji is finally facing some problems. But these are not created by Siya, in fact, if you look closely, Siya has not been able to cause any problems to Ammaji for some time now. All she is trying to do is to play upto Raghav, but that does not seem to be causing any problems. The biggest problems that Ammaji and her sons are facing are on 2 fronts, both internal and external.
Internally, Ammaji's son and bahu had been conspiring all the time against her, by stealing money from the regular accounts in order to prepare a separate fund. Also, given that Ammaji is favoring a new bahu, and also favors Raghav, the sons are a bit jealous. However, eventually Ammaj finds out when a villager claims that he has already repaid the debt by giving it to the son. She gets Raghav to look at all the books, and eventually the deceit is found. Ammaji removes all responsibility, and this only makes the son more mad (in private).
Externally, Ammaji had misappropriated relief funds meant for farmers, and a new Collector wants to find out where the funds went. He already has a confession from the local functionary who was involved, and confronts Ammaji who refuses any guilt.

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