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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Na Aana Is Des Ladoo - the depths of human behaviour

Na Aana Is Des Ladoo on Colors is going through a major social problems. When the local District Magistrate / Collector came to investigate Ammaji over the relief money she had pocketed, one had expected that this would lead to problems to Ammaji. However, it would seem that the makers of the serial had different ideas about the story, something that a lot of people would not expect.
So, in this case, the DM turned out to be one of the worst form of humans, one who is going to use the power of his Government position (and a Collector in a rural area is extremely powerful, since the DM represents the Government in these areas, and also has a lot of influence and power over the police) to fulfil his lust. He threatens Ammaji with jail unless she arranges women for him.
The first night, Ammaji arranges for a woman from the village for him, but that apparently is not enough for him. On the second day, he applies pressure on Ammaji to get one woman from Ammaji's own mansion, something that shocks Ammaji, but she has no way to not fulfil the request. She ensures that none of her daughter-in-laws appears in front of the DM, only the servants of the house (which includes Chandra and Sia). Other members of the house (her sons) are also disgusted by the DM's behaviour, but they still don't have a way of refusing. Finally the DM selects Ghoomar, who lives like a servant in the house, but is actually a daughter of the house.

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