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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The charm & effervescence of B- towns Aladin – ‘Reitesh Deshmukh’ on L’il Champs

For some time now, the concept of Film Stars appearing on TV to promote their movies has been prevalent. Viewers get to see movie stars on their TV sets, and the stars get a chance to promote their movies to many more people.
It’s packed with oriental mystique – not one, but two genies, wicked magicians, gold and jewels galore, a palace that is transported through thin air, a beautiful princes, and a poor boy who gets very lucky indeed. This is the story of Reitesh Deshmukh’s latest movie Aladin which was promoted on L’il Champs this week.
Keeping the same theme in mind, Dhairya had become Dhairuddin and his wish granting genie was Afsha.
So when Dhairya said, “mujhe ice cream chahiye…” two bowls were presented one with ice and the other with moisturizing cream, literally connoting ice and cream. It was one crazy episode with some mind blasting performances and Reitesh adding the much needed zing to the episode.
Hemant Brijwasi’s rendition on the song “saanwre from Bandit Queen” had everybody transported into some other world. Reitesh was literally speechless at such a power packed soulful voice. Abhijeet da gave the best compliment he has ever given to anyone. He gave Hemant the title of ‘Sir’. “aaj se tum mere liye Sir Hemnat ho…”
Reitesh could not stop his feet when the boys teamed up to sing “dekha jo tujhe yaar dil mein baji guitar…”the masti wala song with its tapori lyrics was just idle to make Reitesh leave his chair and attack the floor.

Lara Dutta appeared on the show:
Lara Dutta felt doubly special because she came in an episode which also welcomed the best violinists and piano players of our industry to jam with the kids. The music and the orchestration had Lara totally besotted and awe struck.
If Priyanka Chopra taught Afsha the tricks of the ramp, it was Lara’s turn to tutor her how to do a ‘chiggy wiggy‘ on the stage. It was hilarious to watch Afsha ape Lara.
Shreyasi’s performance on “haan maine chu kar dekha hai…” from the movie Black got her appreciation galore. So was Hemant’s performance which took everybody’s breath away. Seemed like Shreyasi and Hemant are all set to outshine each other at the finale.

lara doing chiggy wiggy with afsha
lara dancing with Afsha

The competition is not yet over but the five finalists have already become play back singers. Shreyasi, Hemant, Prateeksha, Yatharth and Swarit all have rendered their voices for the forthcoming movie ‘ Bal Ganesha ‘ – the music release of the same was done on the coveted stage of Saregamapa. Lucky kids to have become playback singers much before the competition is over…

music release of bal ganesh (kids have done playback for the same)

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