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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Balika Vadhu - multiple issues

The story on Balika Vadhu seems to be moving in different directions. On one side, the storyline that deals with Sugna seems to be moving towards a different set of challenges. Earlier, Sugna was very unhappy at being married to Shyaam, since she heavily valued her relationship with Pratap earlier, and was devoted to him. However, slowly she started valuing her relationship with Shyaam, and by now, she considers him her husband. Ever since Shyam went ahead with his marriage with Sugna, he was disowned by his parents, and was living in Kalyani's house. Recently, Shyaam's mother managed a reunion by forcing everybody to accept this relationship and both Shyam and Sugna came back to Shyam's house.
On other side, Anandi was thrown out of the house and forced to go back to her parents house. Her parents are also facing tough times since they took a lot of loans for getting adequate presents to the marriage of Shyaam and Sugna, and this time, Bhairav is not there in the house to manage things (he is out of the house for many days for work). Anandi's parents house and farms are possessed to pay for the loans, and they are facing real tough times.
Jagdish in the meantime has got into bad company again, moving into more of gambling, skipping school, even after having been warned by Bhairav earlier. This time, he lands into real trouble when the police raids the place where he was present, gambling, and he is taken to jail. When he reaches back home, he finds out that Bhairav has just reached back (who was very disappointed at missing Sugna's ceremonious departure), and who is extremely angry at finding out about Jagdish's activities.

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