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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Balika Vadhu - Bhairav gets to know the reality of Mahavir Singh

Balika Vadhu has explained the mystery of the relationship between Kalyani and Mahavir Singh, and why Kalyani reacts so strongly to any mention of Mahavir Singh. This could also explain why she threw Anandi out of the house when Anandi went to Mahavir Singh for help. This story came out when Bhairav Singh came back from work and found out everything that happened in his absence.
He set out with his wife, Sumitra to find Anandi and her family, only to discover that they had to leave their house (and he heard a lot over there about how they have abandoned Anandi's family). Finally, they found Anandi and her family at Mahavir's Singh (when Vasant had gone with a gun to kill Mahavir Singh (after hearing Kalyani's story about how Mahavir Singh had tried to outrage her modesty after the death of Kalyani's husband)).
Bhairav managed to get Anandi back after a lot of resistance from Anandi's mother (who could not stand their abandonment by the family), and promised Anandi that he will get her parents back from Mahavir Singh as well. Soon, Mahavir Singh also informed Anandi's parents that Anandi was the reason that he was helping them.

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