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Thursday, October 29, 2009

RJs Archana Jani and Karan Singh to host ‘Hero Honda SaReGaMaPa Megachallenge’

Ending the much speculated development on the Anchors of the brand new series- Heor Honda SaReGaMaPa – Megachallenge, Zee TV announces the well known RJs of Mumbai – Karan Singh and Archana Jani as the hosts of their new show. Various names like Shaan, Navjyot Singh Sindhu, Shreyas Talpade, Purab were doing their rounds for this position, while Karan and Archana happened to bag the same. Both of then are equally excited to join the SaReGaMaPa brigade. The previous seasons’ hosts – Dhairya and Afsha had the audiences under their spell and now the new RJs will bring a totally fresh air to the show. With their spontaneity and high energy they would keep audience glues to their seats and make the sets even livelier.

RJ Archana said, “Having entertained viewers for so long only by talking to them, it gives me heejee beeis to finally appear in front of them. Like they loved my voice and allowed me to entertain them, I really hope they like to see me anchoring the legendary show and accept both Karan and me into their homes.”

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