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Friday, October 23, 2009

Bandini - Finally Santo will be marrying Dharamraj, but ..

It took a long time but finally Santo will be the properly recognized wife of Dharamraj Mahiavanshi. There was a lot of drama, when Santo wanted to ensure that her sister, Khemi, and Dharamraj's son Hiten get married to each other. But this would not be possible since Santo was married to Dharamraj (the relations would get terribly complicated - you cannot be a mother-in-law to your own sister). So, Santo and Dharamraj decided to get divorced, something that Santo was not very happy about. However, Dharamraj had always considered that Santo was his 'bandini', forced to marry a much older man, and giving her a divorce would be like releasing her from this burden. However, things did not go like Santo had thought. Khemi decided to get married to somebody else to prevent the breakup of her sister's marriage.
At the same time, there was more drama about Moulick, the younger son of Dharamraj. After a lot of struggle, he got reformed, through the support of his aunt, who in reality was his mother. Moulick finally learns about this, and is initially shocked, but he had always been very close to her, and so accepts her. He is thus not very comfortable with the idea of Santo becoming the dominant bahu of the house, since that would shake the power of his mother.
However, when Santo remonstrated with Dharamraj, he agrees to marry her and give her all the authority of her position, and Santo is very happy. Now, they are getting married, and yet there is a cloud on the horizon, with the serial hinting that a girl called Anamika may be the supposedly dead wife of Dharamraj, Subhadra. Anamika arrives at the house just when the wedding celebrations are taking place.


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