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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Aap ki Antara - Being forced out of school

As the focus in the show has shifted to the children getting a bit older, they are starting to show the challenges that an older Antara is facing. Billu is now pretty smart and confident, able to take on any challenge that he needs. However, things are not so easy for Antara. Abhishek, who was so supportive of Antara when he was a small child, has started to get irritated with this burden and responsibility. He is unable to stomach the ridicule that he faces because of Antara's autism, and gets irritated.
Antara autism had led to her getting involved with terrorists, and this was something strange, given the entire situation. 2 terrorists had used Antara to get past a police check post, and when they were caught later, Antara was also caught. However, she was released due to her autism, and since it would seem obvious that she had no connection with the terrorists.
In the meantime, Antara also got removed from her school, since it would seem that she was unable to pass her class (although she had a good mathematical brain) and her school principal wanted her out of the school, as did her school teacher. Finally, they made her sit in a test, but she was unable to clear the test, and is now at home.

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