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Sunday, December 27, 2009

From US to India… to become the Dancing Star

The final 18 are yet to be selected in the Nation’s much waited dance show Lux Dance India Dance but one girl who is already making headlines is 21 year old Nikitasha Marwah from Washington DC. The first NRI to have reached this far is already touted as one of the strongest contenders of this season. Whoever has seen her perform can’t stop talking about the girl’s agility and versatility. It’s a surprise that inspite of being a gen x girl and being brought up in USA, Nikitasha harbors a keen interest in Indian Classical Dance. This North Indian kudi has trained herself in ‘one of a kind’ and relatively difficult dance forms - Mohoniattam and Kuchipudi, staying in Washington!

The bundle of surprises do not end here. Nikitasha also holds the title of ‘ Miss India Worlwide’. Not only has she become Remo’s pride , but also Geeta and Terence’s darling. They just cannot rave and rant enough about the girl’s professionalism. Says one of the trainers, “ She is an extremely obedient pupil and a gentle human being at the same time. Her dedication and eagerness to learn has really made her popular amongst one and all”.

Don’t miss the upcoming episodes of Lux Dance India Dance to catch Nikitasha’s mindblowing performances.

Nikitasha Marwah in zee Dance India Dance

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