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Monday, December 14, 2009

Pavitra Rishta - Manav's family spends time in jail

Pavitra Rishta seems to be moving towards a climax. Whenever Manav tries to prove his innocence, things seem to go the other way and his image is further sullied, increasing the distance between him and Archana. Archana also started believing that Manav was responsible for some misdeeds that were blamed on him, and as a result, Manav is further shocked. However, Manav's father and Archana's sister believe in this relationship, and want to try anything to ensure that they get a chance to meet - this includes going to the other party's house to send over invitations for functions, and getting Archana to come over for the opening of Manav's garage.
This time, Manav manages to get proof of Ajit boasting that he was the one who was behind all these activities, and rides off to show this proof (proof was in a recording). However, Ajit's sister Manjusha decides to prevent this from happening, and files a complaint in the police station that Manav and his family commit torture on Archana (and the police take Manav in and beat them up - they do this without verifying the complaint and without even hearing the girl in question). As a result, Manav decides to finally break off all ties with Archana, even though Archana did not do any of this.
In the meantime, Sulochna and Archana's father have decided to get Archana married to Sathish, but Archana opposes this when she hears of this, since she cannot get Manav out of her mind. However, she does not know that Manav and his family are in jail, tortured and beaten up, and no longer so loving of Archana. What will happen next ?

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