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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Raaz - Pichle Janam Ka - something different

Reality shows, for many years now, have been the types of serials that bring users to watch the shows. However, people have got a bit bored with the familiar serials that have celebrities coming into song or dance, or those which are essentially the same types of competition. In between, you started getting Roadies and Dadagiri types of serials where the main point of the show was to surprise and humiliate the participants, with the hosts of the show being vicious, sarcastic, and so on. Serials even started bringing in popular film stars to make some difference.
In the midst of all this, comes the reality show called "Raaz - Pichle Janam Ka", that is now airing on NDTV Imagine and which stars the popular Bhojpuri actor "Ravi Kishan" as the host. The concept of the serial is somewhat interesting, that some of the problems that a person has could be based on some of the experiences of their previous birth, based on the popular Indian concept of reincarnation.
So, for example, the first episode took a lady who had a fear of flying, put her on a couch, and then she was taken back to experience the last minutes of her previous life, where she was a sailor who was traveling to New York, and who died in the same plane crash which also killed the renowned scientist Dr. Homi Bhabha in 1966. The concept is that exploring this side can eventual lead to them getting rid of the problem.

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