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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Uttaran - the Thakur goes down, and is now in hospital

Things are really going haywire in the serial Uttaran. After the shock that Tapasya delivered by forcing a switch so that she could get married to Veer, he never got over the shock, to the extent that he decided that he no longer acknowledged Tapasya to be his child, and now only claims that Ichcha was his daughter. However, Damini was able to see that the love for Tapasya was still there with Divya, and she wanted to ensure that Ichcha now stayed out of Veer's life, and she really did not acknowledge that Tapasya made a mistake. In addition, Ichcha herself did not really want to accept that Tapasya had done anything wrong.
With all this, Damini decided that this was the time for her to leave Jogi Thakur's house along with Ichcha, something that shocked both Jogi Thakur and Divya. Nani of course never liked Ichcha and Damini (considering them as servants), and hence was happy that they were leaving. Jogi Thakur however took this as a shock, and had a heart attack just when Ichcha was leaving. At the same time, there was the addition of a new member in Veer's house, his father's younger brother who was back from prison and of whom nobody really wants to talk about.
Tapasya is trying to fit into the house, but she has problems with doing some of the duties that a bride must do, such as some amount of cooking, given that she has not been used to doing such things and considers them not worthy of doing.

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