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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Perfect Bride - 2 couples announce their engagement

The Perfect Bride is reaching close to a conclusion; after the drama of the past many weeks, the show on this Sunday, on the 6th of December, 2009, has announced the engagements of the couples - Rajbir and Priyanka; and Hitesh and Rumpa. The day before, Hitest did a major drama by saying that he was not ready for the marriage, since he had been told many things by the mother of Rumpa, and as a result, he was hurt. However, today this was revealed to be just a drama, and that he was interested in committing to Rumpa.
The story of Rajbir and Priyanka is not so easy to resolve, since Rajbir's father is not fully in favor of this marriage, and as a result, his mother (who is there on the show), is unwilling to give her approval. She may like Priyanka, but until his father approves and the family is fine, she will not give her approval; this is something that Priyanka really does not like and she has got into cold wars with Rajbir over this situation.

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