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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Aapki Antara: Antara picks up singing

The show from time to time shows the disappointments in the life of a parent, who has autistic children, along with the struggle and the hard work. However, it is also shown that autistic children have certain properties that can surprise their parents and others near them. For example, many autistic children have been known to have very good artistic abilities, and even though they cannot express themselves easily in terms of learning or being able to speak normally, these abilities can surprise.
In this case, Vidya has been feeling depressed, not able to handle Antara, and her needs. She has also been feeling a bit distant from her husband Aditya, and she gets advised by both Aditya and Dr. Vikram to take up singing again, since this used to be her passion, and also because this would be very useful for Antara. She agrees, and starts a concert, but is unable to continue since she breaks. At this time, surprisingly, Antara starts singing and completes the song.

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