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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Perfect Bride - Rumpa is the one

Perfect Bride, on Star Plus, finally reached an end. The show, which featured a number of girls and boys with their parents with the girls and boys steadily getting eliminated, finally came down to 2 girls (Rumpa and Priyanka) and 2 boys (Hitesh and Rajbir). And the couples had already been formed with Rumpa being attached to Hitesh, and Priyanka getting attached to Rajbir.
However, the relationship between Rajbir and Priyanka was not close to being committed since Rajbir's father was not ready to accept this marriage via the show, and in his absence, both Rajbir and his mother were not ready to go ahead with a marriage. But Rajbir had given a commitment to Priyanka that he stated he would honour.
And now the date of the final version of the show, on Sunday 12 December 2009, came up, and the show reached a final 3 hour end-game. Rakhi Sawant was there as one of the main attractions, and here she declared that her engagement with Elesh was over, and was irritating as usual.
3 main things happened on the show:
- Rajbir's father, reached over phone, refused to commit to a marriage now. He apparently does not like all this business about getting married in a hurry, and the intervention of Shekhar Suman did not have any difference. He wants the 2 families to meet and discuss, something very logical.
- Rumpa became the Perfect Bride, beating out Priyanka
- Rumpa and Hitesh also got married

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