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Friday, December 4, 2009

Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya hi Kijo on Zee TV - Laali runs away

The story is taking a different turn, with a trip to Nepal being the way out for a hunted Laali and Shekhar. For some time now, Laali is being hunted by Ranvijay who has a running fight with his own brother Shekhar. Things reached a peak where Ranvijay plotted to kill Laali by burying her alive, and it was only when Shekhar reached there in the nick of time that he was able to dig out the earth covering Laali and saved her. Eventually, after a confrontation between Shekhar and Ranvijay where Shekhar also threatens his own father, Thakur Loha Singh with a gun, Shekhar leaves the place along with Laali. He also states quite clearly that his father will have to make a choice between his sons, with one unable to give a heir, and the other not willing to give a heir.
Ranvijay follows soon after, and eventually they end up in Laali's village where she meets her family, but Ranvijay is following soon after. Seeing that Laali has already left, he catches Munna (Laali's brother) and threatens to hang him if they don't tell him where Laali has gone. Petrified of the threat to Munna, they tell Ranvijay enough that he leaves Munna. And then they show Laali and Shekhar getting off the jeep and seemingly heading towards Nepal.

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