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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini on Imagine TV - Sarang trying to get close to Monghi, and DM hiding a secret from Santu

Bandini is a popular serial on Imagine TV, but is slowly starting to meander with new stories getting created now in order to keep the serial ongoing. So it is starting to happen with Bandini. DM knows the truth about Santu, and about the fact that she did not kill Arjan. And then there are events that seem a bit stretched.
So, Sarang is shown as a money hunter, whom Birwa had known in college but had left when she found out that he was after her money. However, later he comes after her, and then pursues Monghi when he finds out that Birwa will do anything to prevent Sarang from spoiling Monghi's life. Birwa is however careful, she has transferred all her belongings to Monghi before the marriage so that Sarang cannot get hold of all her valuables and belongings after the marriage. She tells this to Sarang with some relish, and he of course is shocked to know this; but the result of this is he starts to pursue Monghi again, and she seems to be falling under his spell even though he has shaken her confidence once. However, all Birwa needs to do is to tell DM about the truth, and DM will do whatever it takes to stop Sarang, but she does not do that.
On the other hand, another story is happening with regard to some secret that DM knows. This is related to a Dr. Megha who comes to their house to treat Nandini, and then it turns out that DM was avoiding her since DM apparently shares some secret with her in the past, and does not want Santu to find out what the secret is. But like any other secret, this secret will also be sure to be revealed soon.

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