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Friday, June 25, 2010

Hindi TV Reality Serials - Truth Love Cash - earn money as a couple, but tasks are tough and there are temptations

I was switching channels one day, and came across this very interesting reality contests. In most of the boring reality contests, there is things such as dance contests, singing contests, swayamwar and family contests, and so on. And then there are the more controversial (read as more appealing to a younger generation) reality shows on youth oriented channels such as Channel V. Here comes another one: Called Truth Love Cash.
In the show, 7 couples were taken, and they are given a series of tasks, on the successful completion of which money is added to their accounts. At the same time, their commitments to each other is tested by the way of temptations, that would cause either of them to betray each other, thus testing the concept of cash vs. love.
The initial 7 couples were:
Vinit and Arsila
Navneet and Ajay
Chandrani and Hafeez
Sumit and Karishma
Vishakha and Satya
Praveen and Jogita
Hamida and Jamil (eliminated on the first task)
Yudi is the host of the show.
The recent episode of the show that I watched was interesting, and very painful to the participants. The girls were expected to go towards some bikini clad ladies who had coins on their bodies mixed with peanut butter, and then get these plastic coins using their mouths. All of them had a timer that was decided by their male partners. Every 10 seconds, their male partners would get whacked on their buttocks by a evil looking rod wielded by a tough guy, and as long as they could bear it, their partners had time. It was traumatic watching these guys getting whacked, unable to bear it, but wanting their partners to be able to spend more time.

Video of a show on youtube:

More videos on Youtube (link)

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