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Friday, June 25, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bandini - Kidnapping of the children and demand for money

In Bandini, things have suddenly become more serious. All the children (including those of Kaddu, Megha, and many others in the neighborhood) have been kidnapped from their bus, and the bus driver was badly injured. Now, everybody is really worried, with the kidnappers having sent a brief communication that this is because of enmity with DM's family and they need a ransom amount of Rs. 80 crore for giving all the children back (and Rs. 80 crore is a huge amount of money for this purpose).
But after this, there has been no communication with the kidnappers. In the meantime, DM is not there in the house and not reachable by phone, and the other people (including Megha) whose children have been kidnappers are applying pressure on the family to get their children back. So now the family is trying to see how much cash they can generate quickly in order to pay the ransom award, including all the jewellery that they possess (one could see that they were able to generate around Rs. 25-30 crore from within the house itself - which is a huge amount of money).
Birwa claims that she will be able to generate more money from the factory, and for this, she needs the help of Monghi (the plan being that there are crude diamonds that need to be processed in order to get the required sum of money). She tries to praise Monghi, but gets rebuffed by Monghi since Monghi blames Birwa for hating her from the beginning, and that Monghi is doing this for the family, not for Birwa.
In the meantime, Vishal is able to negotiate with the kidnappers for getting some medicines for Krishna who is ill; the kidnappers admire Vishal for being so bold and want about him being so bold, he could cause problems.

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